Sharpening (March 21st)

Date: Thursday Mar 21st 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Instructor: Greg Anderson

Sharp tools are essential to good woodworking.  Sharp tools make for easier, faster and more accurate work.  Having a quick, no-nonsense way to keep your tools sharp means that you'll spend less time sharpening tools and more time making them dull (the fun part).

We will demonstrate the process of sharpening straight edged blades and take a closer look at the tools and materials used to sharpen them.  We will also run through the process of sharpening a card scraper, one of the handiest tools in the shop.  Lots of hands-on and Q&A time will be provided.

Students are encouraged to bring their own stones, jigs and tools to sharpen, the process is best learned with the equipment that you'll be using in your own shop.  If you don't have your own stones or tools don't fret, we have everything you will need.

No experience required, all tools and equipment are supplied.

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