Coffee Table 1 Course Schedule


This is the course schedule for My Urban Workshop's Coffee Table 1 class. This is a woodworking class for Ottawa woodworkers of all levels. We look forward to meeting you at the shop. 

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 Day 1 begins with a trip to the lumber yard. We will walk you through the basics of wood selection and grain matching so that you end up with a visually pleasing tabletop.  We will then get down to work in the shop with a safety class on the jointer and planer followed by milling.

Day 2 will introduce students to the Festool Domino the tool that we will be using to ensure alignment of our panels.  We will then introduce students to the process of gluing up a panel, an essential skill in furniture making.

Day 3 will start with a training session on the drum sander, a tool used so smooth and flatten boards up to 38 inches wide.  we will then examine the sanding process in detail and look at other ways to achieve flawless surfaces when working with wood.

Day 4 we will look at different finishing methods and materials including oil and water based polyurethanes, shellac, oils and other finishes.  Students will then apply their finish of choice to their tabletops.


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