Coffee Table 2 Course Schedule


This is the course schedule for My Urban Workshop's Coffee Table 2 class. This is an Ottawa woodworking class for woodworkers of all levels. We look forward to meeting you at the shop. 

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Day 1 starts out by examining different styles of bases and taking an in-depth look at the joinery techniques used by furniture craftsmen for centuries. We will then review the use of the Festool Domino, specifically the difference in use when executing leg to apron joinery vs. the panel joinery that we learned in Part 1.  Student will then start planning and working out the details of their own base and begin preparing their stock as well as laying out their joinery.

Day 2 will begin with a safety session on the bandsaw and oscillating sander.  The band saw allows us to cut out decorative details such a leg tapers and cloud lifts as well as 

Day 3 will look at assembling and gluing up complex assemblies as well as pre-finishing parts in complex assemblies.  Students will get their projects glued up.

Day 4 will take a look at finishing complex assemblies and discuss details that can be incorporated into the furniture like drawers, inlay and other decorative elements. Students will be applying finish to their projects.

Interested in a tabletop as well?  Coffee Table: Part 1 covers the process of making a tabletop.  Save $50 if you sign up for both classes!