My Urban Workshop is Ottawa's largest community woodworking shop at 3500 square feet, and is open 5 days a week to suit our community's diverse schedule. Our goal is to promote woodworking in the Ottawa area by giving people the knowledge, space and tools to create their own masterpieces.  We also want to foster a sense of community by giving our members a place to collaborate, share and learn together. Our Ottawa maker community keeps growing, it's been exciting to watch it grow. We offer several affordable membership packages to allow you to complete your projects. Our staff is available to help with guidance (particularly relating to safe use of our tools), and we offer an extensive woodworking class schedule and even 1 on 1 tutoring for students who wish to learn more specific woodworking skills. 

Before members and students can begin working on their projects, they must complete a safety training orientation (held on Saturday mornings) to have access to the hand tools section of the shop. We have every manner of hand tool you might need to complete a project. We also sell a variety of woodworking supplies to help finish your project. The minimum age requirement for using hand tools in the shop is 16. 

To use the power tools, members must be at least 18 years of age and must complete the training course for that tool. We encourage students to sign up early for safety certifications as space can be limited. 

Members and non-members alike have access to our 90W Full Spectrum Laser Cutter. Training on the laser is $20, and provides students a good base to begin their laser engraving projects. The class does not cover image manipulation lessons. 

My Urban Workshop is open to members aged 18+, and encourages a diverse community of makers of all levels. We take pride in making sure all our members feel welcome, valued, and safe. We look forward to seeing you at the shop soon.