Tool training is offered in 3 sessions.  Woodworking 1 (Intro to Milling ), Woodworking 2 (Intro to Joinery), and Woodworking 3 (Advanced Power Tools).  Each class serves as a prerequisite for the next.

Sessions are offered the first Saturday morning of every month and the following Tuesday evening.  

Upcoming Training Dates:

Woodworking 3 dates to be announced 

Woodworking 1 - Saturday, Nov 2nd 9am-12pm

Woodworking 2 - Tuesday, Nov 5th 6pm-9pm

Woodworking 2 - Saturday, Dec 7th 9am-12pm

Woodworking 1 - Tuesday Dec 10th 6pm-9pm

For our woodworking class schedule please click here. Ottawa woodworking enthusiasts will find numerous different levels of courses there.