Build an Classic Arcade Cabinet

We have recently built an classic arcade cabinet here in the shop that has been receiving a lot of attention.  We've decided to give people the chance to build their own cabinet in a class setting.

Not only will you learn how to make a wicked arcade cabinet, but these skills can be used to make kitchen, A/V or other types of custom cabinetry.

This class takes place over 4 evenings, and includes our shop safety training session on the track saw as well as cordless drill and pocket hole jig.

Our first class we get right down to business and get trained on the track saw, and begin to get our panels broken down.

Night 2 we will apply our classic T-molding to the edges of the panels and begin to assemble our cabinets.  We will also be finalizing our customized marquees before sending them off to the printer.

Day 3 we catch up on any unfinished assembly and get our marquees and other hardware installed.

The final evening we will focus on how to set up and use a Raspberry Pi, which can be a little bit confusing if you're used to Windows or Apple products.  We will walk through all of the steps to get our little RPi's up and running.  Note that this class doesn't include any games whatsoever, you will have to provide your own games.

Because people will want different systems, monitors, controllers we are going to keep it simple and include only a raspberry pi, a versatile and cost effective little computer that is perfect for running classic games. 

This class DOES NOT INCLUDE a monitor, controller or games.