Roubo Workbench Class

Dates: Saturday and Sundays, Sept. 21,22,28,29 (2 Consecutive Saturdays and Sundays)

The workbench is the heart of every workshop.  Having a sturdy bench that is capable of holding a wide variety of sizes and shapes of work piece makes tasks easier and more accurate.

The workbench from A.J. Roubo's L'Art du Menuisier and popularized by Chris Schwarz is the best bench that we have ever used.  We have a several of them in the shop that we use on a daily basis and they are absolute workhorses.  

Construction is simple yet sturdy, we will be starting with milled stock and making an adjustment to some of the joinery.  We will be using Douglas Fir Glulam beams for the bench top and dimensional Douglas Fir for the undercarriage.

Vise hardware is also largely a personal preference so we will be offering the benches with our preferred off the shelf hardware as well as a hardware-free version if you'd prefer to supply your own.  Our leg vise hardware will be a vise screw and Benchcrafted criss-cross hardware.  Our tail vise will be the Veritas Inset Vise.  There are many other options to choose from, this is our preferred set up for maximum clamping versatility at a reasonable price.  If you have any questions regarding your vise options we are happy to discuss.

Time permitting we will also examine different workholding devices and make some simple accessories, bench dogs, doe's foot and bench hooks.

Cost includes all materials and delivery within the Ottawa area.  Basic woodworking experience recommended.

Don't have time to attend the class, we will be making a couple of extra benches in the class that will be available for sale.  

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