Working With Imperfect Wood

Imperfections in a tree can create beautiful and interesting patterns in wood.  These imperfections are considered defects and are often cut out of the board or hidden where they won't be seen.  With some careful consideration and a little bit of work these defects can be turned into beautiful accents that can set a piece of furniture apart.

We will be covering three ways that we handle tricky boards here at the shop.  We will be looking at the various ways that we deal with live edges, including hand tool and power tool methods as well as how to finish live edges.

We will also take an in depth look at butterfly or dovetail keys, how we proportion them and how we execute them to end up with a perfect fit every time.

We will also take a look at cracked boards and how we deal with them.  We will discuss and demonstrate how we use epoxy and other methods to reinforce cracks so that they are structurally sound and don't spread over time.  This portion is discussion/demonstration only, we will not be putting epoxy on the boards that you take home.

Finally we will discuss how to finish a board in a way that is both food safe and long lasting.

All students will leave with a butterfly keyed live edge serving board ready for finish application.  Due to the length of the class we will not have time apply finish.