Working with Live Edge Boards - Apr 11 and Apr 18

Date: Class will be held on Thursday Apr 11 and Thur Apr 18 from 6-9pm


Instructor: Greg Anderson

In this two session class we will be learning about different ways that we use live edge or imperfect boards.

We will cover topics such as how to safely make cuts on warped boards or boards that do not have straight edges, how to safely mix and apply epoxy, how to install dovetail keys or bowties, as well as an array of little tips and tricks that we use around the shop to deal with otherwise tricky situations that you encounter when working with imperfect wood.

On the first day we will each pick out a board and examine it for structural issues and identify any areas that need to be filled or repaired.  We will also be deciding which (if any) of our sides need to be cut.  We will then be mixing and applying epoxy as necessary to stabilize and fill any imperfections.

The next day we will be cleaning up our boards and getting them ready for finish.  We will also discuss food safe finishing options as well as how to properly care for wood as it ages.

No prior experience required, all materials and safety gear is provided.

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