Our hourly rate for custom wood projects is $90/h. At the start of your project we will provide you with as accurate a quote as possible. Single cuts under 10 minutes are $15.  

Panel jobs can be broken down into 4 steps; Milling (taking rough or out of square lumber and making it square on 4 sides - S4S), Joining (assembling multiple boards into a panel), Sanding, and FinishingEach step is $10/square foot.  Additional charges may apply if materials requires 2 workers during the milling phase.  In the case of live edge pieces which may require de-barking or softening, we will estimate by time and round to the nearest 15 minutes.

  Due to the nature of the work it is often impossible to estimate precisely how long each operation is going to take, we always keep you informed of any over-runs before proceeding. This table is a rough guide to pricing panel work like table tops. Choose your length and width in feet for an approximate quote:


We can also provide 1 on 1 instruction for you at every step of your project at the same hourly shop rate ($80). 


We  also deliver to the greater Ottawa/Gatineau region. Our delivery rate is $80/h of driving.

We strive to build it better.  We stand behind our craftsmanship and will do our best to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your project.

Contact us for a quote today or call 613-225-7777

Laser engraving your projects: Please see our custom laser engraving page for information on custom laser engraving at your shop. 

Custom Wood Furniture