We get a lot of questions about what Ottawa wood source we prefer. We're quite spoiled by the vast abundance of Ottawa wood suppliers, and it comes in very handy with the day to day activities of our woodshop. Each source has it's advantages, it depends what you're looking for. In the case of KJP we can go pick up the wood for your project and save you the trouble of having to move it. Here's the listing of some of our favourites and why we like them. 

KJP Hardwood Select

KJP Hardwood Select is family owned and run. They're big enough to meet just about any order size you can dream of, but small enough to still give you that personal attention and touch that's rare to find today in a business today. One of their real strengths is their vast array of exotic woods, it's unmatched in the city. They also happen to be right next door to My Urban Workshop which is handy for us and our members. They have regular monthly promotions where they rotate which wood is on sale, it's well worth joining their mailing list. They're open Monday to Saturday. 

The Wood Source

The Wood Source is perhaps Ottawa most popular source for specialty woods. In our experience their dimensioned wood is a great value if you'd like to start with your boards already dimensioned. Their prices are very competitive, and their staff is knowledgeable. It's a bit more of a drive to Manotick, but we've always found it worth while. We highly recommend them. They're open Monday to Saturday.

Clarence Creek Wood Select

If you're in the East, and trip out to Clarence Creek is well worth it for some of the great prices Pierre gives on wood slabs. It's a smaller wood shop, but often they carry some of the finest quality pieces at a great value. Pierre gives everything his personal touch. 


If you'd like a custom piece of furniture done with wood from any of these great suppliers, contact us for a quote and we can assist you in the process.