My Urban Workshop is Ottawa's largest community woodworking shop at 3500 square feet, and is open 6 days a week during a variety of hours to suit our community's diverse schedule. Our goal is to promote woodworking in the Ottawa area by giving people the knowledge, space and tools to create their own masterpieces.  We also want to foster a sense of community by giving our members a place to collaborate, share and learn together.

The shop is available to woodworkers and makers of all levels for rent, and offers group classes, 1 on 1 instruction, and shop time for makers of all levels who simply want to work independently.  The shop is outfitted with professional grade woodworking machinery, hand tools, workbenches and a laser cutter.  Our clients also have use of our library of books, kitchen area, and free WiFi.

The front half of the shop is our bench room, and includes five sturdy Roubo style workbenches as well as a wide selection of sharp, ready to use hand tools.  

The power tool side of the shop is where you will find all of our state of the art machinery and handheld power tools.  To ensure safe operation all members must go through the safety training session for each of the power tools before they are allowed to use them. 

My Urban Workshop also has a 90 watt laser cutter from Full Spectrum Laser. 

Ottawa Woodshop