Oct 2019 - New Safety Training Sessions

October 15, 2019

Oct 2019 - New Safety Training Sessions

We are now offering our training sessions in a more condensed format where members can get trained up in just a couple of sessions rather than having to come in for several consecutive Saturday mornings.

Tool certification will now be done in 3 longer sessions, with each session covering several related tools and lasting about 3 hours.  The idea being that we can easily cover 3 or more tools in that time frame while still being short enough to be a pleasant experience for the student and the instructor.

Woodworking 1 will provide and introduction and orientation to the shop.  We will then move on to safety certification on the jointer, planer, mitre saw and jigsaw.  We will cover these tools and how they are typically used during the milling phase of a project.

Woodworking 2 will examine tools that are typically used to cut joinery and how to use them safely.  The tools covered are: Festool Track saw, Domino, band saw and drill press.

Woodworking 3 will look at more advanced tools, the table saw and router/router table, a tool which was not previously available to members.

Each level of certification will be a prerequisite for the next session (i.e. you have to take woodworking 1 before woodworking 2, and woodworking 2 before taking woodworking 3).  Yes, this means that you will have to sit and listen to Greg for at least 6 hours before you're allowed to use the table saw, but them's the breaks.  The goal is to ensure that people are able to work comfortably and safely with some of the less hazardous tools before unleashing them on the tablesaw.

This system will hopefully allow our members to get trained up and using the shop in a more efficient way and ensure that everyone is working safely.

The training sessions are $60 each, and are available for sale in the shop or through our courses page.

Training will be taking place on the first Saturday morning (9-12) of each month and the following Tuesday evening (6-9).  For exact dates and times please refer to the courses page.

Laser training will still be offered separately the following Saturday morning (second Saturday of the month) at 10:00 a.m. 

Individual or group training sessions can be arranged at our hourly shop rate.

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